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TennisViz provides a range of innovative analytics specifically designed to engage fans by making the complex simple.

The TennisViz Analytics can be used:

  • Pre-match: To generate interesting talking points, previews, and predictions
  • In real-time: To create overlaid broadcast graphics and commentary support
  • Post-match: To explain the key areas of the match
  • To create data-driven stories on individual players

Our intelligence data can be provided across all digital media and broadcast platforms to engage with fans however they consume their tennis.

The presentation of the data can be tailored to your preferences to reflect your organisation’s style and feel.

Additional Broadcast Services
AI Selected Analysis
Live Text Commentary
TennisViz Analysts Service


At TennisViz, we are passionate about using data skillfully to improve the stories that tennis offers. The AI Selected Analysis identifies the most relevant data points for each match to ensure we always give the fans the most compelling insights.

It compares the player’s performance to:

Their opponent 

In the 2019 Indian Wells final, Thiem used his forehand on 63% of groundstrokes. He also limited Federer to hitting his forehand on 49% of his groundstrokes.

Their previous performances

In the 2021 ATP Tour Final, Medvedev (v Thiem) came to the net 36 times, winning a massive 81% of Net Battles. This was a significant improvement on his average for the year of 66%.

A tournament or tour average

In Nadal’s career, he has won 42% of points when he was in defence (Steal Score). He is number 1 on the leaderboard for this stat and significantly higher than the tour average of 36%

The AI Selected Analysis is updated in real-time and viewed by the commentary and production team on a tablet screen. This provides the choice to reference the data verbally as part of their commentary or overlay a simple graphic to engage the fans visually.

This service will also be used to select the most exciting points for digital media content.


Using machine learning, we identify the most compelling data in the previous point to provide a natural language description of what happened.

The output will vary in style and content to keep it fresh and engaging for the fan.

As well as describing the point in real-time, we also offer a more detailed overview of the previous game and set.

A post-match longer-form analysis explaining why a player won or lost is available immediately after the match finishes. The author’s voice combines a nuanced vernacular with a varied and constantly learning lexicon. The verdict ranges from 50 words to 200 in length and is tailored to suit different author personas and specific audiences.

Fans who can’t watch the action will stay connected via a website or mobile app.

The service is available in multiple languages.

TennisViz Analysts

The skilled team of analysts will provide the editorial and production teams with a range of compelling content. This will include:

Pre-match: to generate interesting talking points, previews, and predictions.

In-play: Guiding the viewer’s attention to the important aspects of the match through overlaid graphics or commentary support.

Post-Match: Explaining why a match was won or lost.

Data-Driven Player Stories: A deeper look into an individual’s performance across a season, surface, or against a specific opponent.

The TennisViz Analysts will use their experience to find the golden nuggets of data that exist to provide original and engaging content.


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